Fingerprint SDK

A fingerprint SDK is a software toolkit that allows software developers to integrate a fingerprint recognition system into a variety of applications.  Commonly, a fingerprint SDK will utilize either DLL or ActiveX (COM) to interface with the integrated application. By referencing these DLL or COM objects, software developers are able to utilize the fingerprint functionality from within a desired application.

Fingerprint SDKs provide a low-level framework to communicate with the fingerprint reader, capture an image, extract the unique minutiae data from the image, and compare two sets of extracted minutiae data.  However, the developer must overcome a significant learning curve in order to produce a robust, turn-key fingerprint system from even the best fingerprint sdk.

Fingerprint SDK Functions

  • initialize() — Initializes the fingerprint SDK API (when starting)
  • cleanup() — Release resources initialized by API (when finished)
  • openDevice() — Open a fingerprint scanner device
  • closeDevice() — Close fingerprint scanner device
  • captureImage() — Captures a fingerprint image from device
  • getMinutiae() — Extracts minutiae points from captured fingerprint
  • matchMinutiae() — Compares two minutiae records (1-to-1)