Fingerprint Scanners

The TEG is the compact and lightest livescan system in the industry for criminal identification, forensic analysis and suspect enrollment. The TEG scanner employs the most advanced optical technology and dedicated special light sources that enables users to obtain the highest quality images including flats, rolls, slaps, palm and writer’s prints. The TEG is absolutely your logical choice for government and law enforcement agencies handling criminal bookings and forensic applications. Contact us for more information.


Distinctive Features
The unique volumetric prism has no analogues in the world. It reads 120° of a finger’s surface and provides higher quality and greater identification accuracy. The fingerprint image size is much larger than one obtained with a flatbed scanner.

The concave prism captures a full fingerprint without enrolling, thus, facilitating and speeding up the process of users registration.


Comparative Tests
The results of comparative tests of areas of fingerprint images obtained with LS2FP and a flat prism scanner when applying 4 fingers at a time and singly.