Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)

AFIS helps to create and maintain electronic databases of fingerprints, ten-prints and palm-prints collected from crime scenes. It performs all kinds of identification.
Identification of criminals who left fingerprints at the crime scene;
Identification of unidentified corpses including those killed in the terrorist attacks or natural disasters;
Identification of persons in the international search;
Identification of citizens who are unconscious or lost memory;
Identification of a particular person involved in the commission of criminal acts, including at the request of Interpol and the Police;
Clarifying criminal complicity of homeless persons.
International Standards for Data Exchange
The AFIS server database is formed by importing ten-prints from any domestic and foreign AFIS producers. The system supports both internal formats and international protocols of information exchange ANSI / NIST in the FBI and Interpol versions.

WSQ compression algorithm certified by FBI is used for fingerprint processing.